The Daily Ritual

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Eyes sensitive to light, you lift up that 20 pound sack you call your "arm" and slam the alarm clock to snooze so that you can dig your face into the pillow for just a few more minutes, which actually ends up being another hour. With great hesitation, we somehow find the strength and ability to pull ourselves out of bed, disregarding the mess of what we call our "room" and slug our way to the kitchen, where we immediately turn on the coffee or tea machine, yawning and rubbing our eyes. Impatiently waiting, we poor our cup of caffeine, though not 100% ready. We sip that warm beverage, instantly rejuvenating ourselves, almost as if we just pumped oxygen into our lungs. Things feel a lot easier now, we are no longer sluggish, we are now just sloppy, prepping for the rest of the day and getting ready for the wonderful day, unless it is a Monday. We all hate Mondays.


There is something about this, that warms our heart, or at least it does for me. The feeling of having that reliable cup of caffeine that will never disappoint you, the warmth that makes you feel relaxed, the energy that gets your gears turning and the drink that just is there for you, on your counter top waiting every day. I find it as a gift. I often find myself nose-deep into my warm cup of chai  (that's "American black tea" in Assyrian culture) just allowing the steam to give me a face massage and de-stressing me from a long day of work. It also is there for me at night, hustling through the bustle of typing in the dark, or in the afternoon for those awkward days where I had enough sleep but I'm still tired for some weird reason. Or even when we have our family over and we bring out that fancy tray of tea and coffee with all the snacks and desserts. It is a social beverage that is really it for any event.


The sheer idea of coffee and tea traveling all across the world just to land on my counter top for me to consume is the coolest thought. I guess I am trying to say, thank you coffee & tea, for being there for all the tough times, and the fun times. Cheers to all the good moments, both in the past, and in the future. Cheers to Yimmies café, and to all the warm smiles we can create, one cup of warm brew at a time.

Canon Mikho