Coffee of the Month - May 2018

Yimmies Coffee of the Month


Welcome to Roast of the Month, where every month we cover the coffee history, notes, and other key information on a major coffee cultivating region. We get down and dirty with dissecting the coffee bean, so that we can figure out whether you are a Colombian lover, and El Salvadorian extraordinaire or prefer to live the diversity of a blended roast. Sweet & savory, dry & berry like hint, chocolate & smooth, find out how we will describe this month's roast on Roast of the Month.

Heat cooking the skin filling in with vitamin D, with the mother nature doing it's work on soil, animals running rampant & water flowing the rivers of both tribal and city like areas - there is no land that better describes this perfectly set agriculture better than the gorgeous and worshiped African lands of Ethiopia. Today we are covering the famous Ethiopian roast, which is known as a gateway roast to a lot of other types of roasts and blends.

The Ethiopian roast dates back to 1671 and is widely known to be the mother of all coffee and debated to be the first ever appearance of coffee – competing with Yemen. The Ethiopian roast originates from the coffee plant coffea arabica (arabica bean) and carries a wide range of earthly tones. The cultivation and harvesting of coffee beans plays a big role in Ethiopian life style as they take pride and joy of this task. Their cultivation varies from regions far and wide and widely range and are diverse in tastes and flavors of coffee. A key point in growth for Ethiopian coffee culture is the Harrar region. Harrar coffee is wild growth of coffee means. This is where the coffee beans dry on the coffee berry itself (in case you didn't know, coffee starts out as a berry!) Because the roasts are wild the flavor notes are insane, they vary from cinnamon to blueberry or rich chocolate or silky textures or dry and bitter, the possibilities wildly vary. Understanding this, one can understand why they cherish and hold the growth and cultivation tradition dear. With this in mind, general Ethiopian roast carries the following standard notes:

Ethiopian Roast Notes

  • Pure and Full Bodied

  • Floral

  • Fruity

  • Fragrant Rich

  • Very Diverse

  • Earthy

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Hint of Tangerine




With the notes above, keep in mind when drinking a cup of Ethiopian coffee roast (preferably medium for a balance of dark and light). Immediately the full-bodied tones will hit you and make it's way over the taste buds of your tong with the earthy flavors that belong to the nutrients of their land. The Ethiopian roast can be enjoyed in many ways. A Very Dark – Espresso type, as a regular warm or cold brewed cup of coffee or straight from the bean! (Crunch and yum!) We recommend you poor over and drink warm!


Coffee Notes: Keywords or terms used to describe the way the coffee roast tastes.