About Yimmies

Our Mission: To make you smile, one sip at a time.

Within each strong business is contained the components of simplicity, security and speed. We are masters at this craft, so we decided with seven years of planning, we wanted to take over the beverage industry with Yimmies, a café/coffee house.  

We studied the human struggles as well as countless hours of networking with small business owners, what makes the current coffee industry so trendy, and what causes small businesses to fail, and combining these three points, with the passion, drive and experience we have under our belt, we are prepared to serve you beverages that will burst your taste buds.

Understanding the uniqueness of the coffee industry, we decided to take a different approach. We view coffee differently, in a sense, like wine. Wine, just as coffee, comes from different countries, has stronger and lighter complexities (roasts) and more or less alcohol (caffeine). Coffee should not be treated as fast food, or sold with majority amounts of fake ingredients, plopped out within seconds. Coffee is a delicacy with the purpose of comfort, taste, energy and drive to get your job done and we have the passion for coffee as you, unlike other coffee shops.