Clever Uses for Coffee Grinds

What if we told you that something you use, and throw out most of the day can help you solve a lot of problems in your life. Yes, you have a lot of problems. But it’s OK! Because we are here to help you solve these pesky problems with coffee! Now, with some simple recycle & reuse, all, if not most, of your problems will disappear! (We are not liable if your problems don’t disappear, sorry ☹) By coffee, we mean brewed coffee grinds that you always throw away, yes those! What if we told you that you shouldn’t throw coffee grinds and just keep them because they have so many uses. Surprised, right?!? So were we! Sit back, take out that note pad, class is in session, today we will be talking about the clever uses for your coffee grinds that you throw away. Oh, and it doesn’t matter the roast of beans you use, or how old the grinds are.

1. Natural Dirt Fertilizer

Yimmies Coffee Grind Fertilizer Dirt Hand

Don’t throw away those grinds! They are great for rejuvenating and revitalizing dirt to grow all sorts of plants. The used coffee grinds adds Potassium, Magnesium and Nitrogen to your soil which helps energize, fertilizer and help make your plants grow healthier. It uses a formula known as N-P-K to grow and maintain your dirt so you have top quality dirt! Look at you!

2. Natural Baking Soda (Odor Absorb-er)

Yimmies Coffee Grind Baking Soda

It’s simple, coffee grinds absorb odor, just as baking soda does, so put that money away!

3. Scent for some cool candles

Yimmies Coffee Candle Scent

This one is really creative, grab some coffee grinds and put it at the bottom of your candle near the weight and wick. Add your scent-free wax and now you have a quality coffee candle! *sniff sniff*

4. Bringing the worms (We are talking to you, fishers!)

Yimmies Coffee Grind Dirt Worms

This goes hand in hand with natural dirt fertilizer. Worms love coffee grinds and are attracted to the smell. We feel you worms, so do we! Just mix it in with your dirt and wait a few cycles for the worms to attract to your dirt, great for flowers as well.

5. Painting!



This one is our favorite. When you mix used coffee grinds with water, it will create a light brown water color, which you can use for painting! You can create a whole bunch of other effects and uses such as dipping paper in the mixture to create an old-aged looking paper, as well as turning photos into an aged look.

6. Pest Repellent

Yimmies Coffee Grind Pest Repellent

When you mix your seeds that you plant into the dirt with coffee grinds, you keep the bugs away. Lots of bugs such as ants, snails, slugs and other leaf eating herbivores, and possibly cats!


The list goes on! These are just a few tips and tricks with coffee grinds, and we will most likely revisit this subject in the future. If you have or know of any cool uses for coffee grinds, send them our way and we’d love to share it with the rest of the coffee world.