Becoming a Coffee Hero

You use too much paper. Yes, you. You use too much paper, and you probably don’t even realize it. But I, a blogger, can help you. I have easily set in motion a solution that will help fix your unhealthy habit, along with millions of others. The solution is simple, and shocking at first, but a wave of comfort and logic will set in and you will be put to ease of the challenging epidemic that is heading our way. When you buy coffee at a cafe, ask for a ceramic or glass cup. Yes, I know you are sighing and probably find this somewhat uncomforting and a trivial nuisance, and yes many order your cups to go, but if you are sitting down in the café or coffee shop, ask for a ceramic or glass cup. Now, sit back, grab some popcorn (or coffee) and get ready for some fact checking statistics.

Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day, equivalent to 146 billion cups of coffee per year, making the United States the leading consumer of coffee in the world.

Usually hot drinks are brought out in a ceramic cup, and a cold drink is brought out in a glass cup. The thought of having a hand-crafted beverage in a cup that you would usually use when you are at home, gives you a very pleasant experience.  The taste is more pure, simple and clean. You could say it’s a renewable organic product. You just clean ceramic, whereas recycling a paper cup is much costlier for mother nature. Rather than that, the comfort along with having a ceramic instead of a paper cup is great. It invokes emotions that relate to an “at home” feeling and one that allows you to focus more and stimulate ideas. Though science hasn’t confirmed this, nor do I think that there is even a study on this topic out there, I found this true for me. On top of that, we just consume a lot of coffee, and it so happens to be a lot of them are paper.


According to the paper industry, Americans will consume an estimated 23 billion paper coffee cups in 2010. Rob Martin, the Vice President of Merchandising and Production for Tully’s Coffee, estimated the 2006 use usage at 16 billion paper cups.

To say that we consumed beverages that carried about 23 billion paper cups in 2010 has a lot to say about our economy and our social lifestyles. It is also a reason why Yimmies Café is going to be initiating a frequent consumer program. When you, the customer, are frequent drinkers at the café, we make a cup with your name on it and leave it in our store so you don’t have to carry the cup around with you. On top of that, Yimmies will holding through on weekly cup orders, so if you want a drink ready at 7am, we will make it at 6:59, so that when you walk in through that Yimmies door, it is hot and ready for you to grab and go. The systems allow for fluid use as well as preventing the waste of materials.


We want to change the world, for the better. If that means reducing the number of pointless cups we use and/or throw away, then let it be. That is what this blog is all about, the Yimmies blog is about spreading knowledge, key in power and the sharing of information that revolves around this world of coffee and tea lovers. We will make Skokie the go to coffee shop. The goal is to make Skokie the city of coffee, and we are pretty confident that this will happen. We want to have a second Seattle, and with Yimmies and Skokie, and the power of coffee, we can achieve, and we hope you will join us.


So, be a hero and pick up your stuff, grab your book or laptop, head over to Yimmies, and when you make you order, ask for your drink to be, “for here”.