Our Mission: To provide the essentials of human nature on a day to day basis, always there with dedication, perfection and comfort.

For Our Coffee: The focus will be, and will always be the quality and perfection of each cup of coffee. That is the goal of every barista, the desire of every customer and the respect each bean farmer deserves. Yimmies will always purchase our beans from a fair trade market.

For Our Customers: We pledge to be there, with each perfect cup of coffee, from each crumb of a snack, to each recognizable smile that walks through the door. We plan on making your day, just the way you want it, the Yimmies way.

For Our Workers: The goal is to build and expand the burning passion and golden perfection of being a coffee enthusiast while learning the coffee market with a business mentality and with a fun and unique experience that proves beneficial for years following.

For Our Stores: We will always provide a socially acceptable and promising atmosphere, open to all of those with special needs, welcoming all service dogs, and maintaining an area that comforts all regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. Our goal is to make Yimmies a location to be, whether it is for work, study, socializing or just a breather. We promise to serve our customers the best by offering them their desired atmosphere.

For Those In Need: We plan to be there, for all those in need. Abroad and here in our loving country in these United States. Yimmies plans on helping all those in need from medical, to socially and financially, our goal is to work together, with everyone, to build a strong and peaceful world one cup of coffee at a time.