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Music Appreciation Week


Yimmies Music Appreciation is a 5% discount towards your beverage for individuals who bring proof of purchase, of any Skokie music Event within the first week period. There is no limit to this purchase, and can be repeatedly used.


Community Appreciation Program


Yimmies works to benefit our community, one cup of coffee at a time and our vision statements say so. We have decided to show our community we care for the hard work they do. This means free cup of coffee to any individual who benefits our community with proper proof of identification. This program excludes any volunteers or non-professional state or governmental employee. We support our troops, whom also receive 25% discount.


The Diverse Brew Pledge


As a coffee enthusiast, we pledge an oath to only serve the highest of coffee quality, which means grabbing from all countries, such as Guatemala, Ecuador, El Salvador, Brazilian, beans here in the U.S.A and even one day expanding our own beans. Our Diverse Brew Pledge is an oath to our customers and employees that we always promise to continue to research, learn, and promote the diversity and elegancy of,  agriculturally enriched bean market. Just as wine, coffee has a brew darkness and lightness, country of origin, sweet or bitter, more or less caffeinated, and many more aspects that truly makes coffee shine, from the berry that is picked on the bush, to the cup served to you! We pledge, the Yimmies way!


 Bakers Bread Challenge


The Yimmies Bakers Bread Challenge is a week where we choose bakers non-contracted with Yimmies to sell their baked goods at Yimmies Cafe. We sell their goods, and you rate them. This allows all types of bakers to enter our coffee house, providing unique desserts and snacks, and helps provide the first step to any small business baker whom needs a jump start! We understand how tough it is to get noticed, so let’s work together.