Yimmies HomeBrew is quality cold brew, created with a recipe and process that started from our very home. We hope to serve millions of individuals with our recipe and brewing process that requires patience, delicious ingredients and the use of right equipment to produce the finest cup of cold brew so you do not have to. Great coffee, at a low price shipped directly to your door.

How It's Done

We sift our finely grained coffee bean mixture in a bag that sits in water with a curated duration of ~20 hours brewing time. The coffee beans are rich in nature, using only the finest quality beans provided to us from our contracted roaster. HomeBrew comes in a variety of options that we plan on expanding in the future as well as flavors and optional lactose free creamer.

How We Send It

After our brewing process is complete and made to your order selection, HomeBrew is poured into the size of order (we will start selling HomeBrew in 20oz and 32oz Mason jars) and then wrapped in bubble wrap, put in a box labeled fragile and shipped to your door.

Your Options

At the moment, the selections we have available are Regular HomeBrew, Vanilla Homebrew, and Caramel HomeBrew. These options are visible and available in the "Shop" section within this website.

We are hoping to expand the opportunities of purchase to a wider variety such as chocolate, white chocolate and much more.



*If your order arrives damaged, email us at Info@Yimmies.com with a picture of the damage and we will fully refund your order!