Help Yimmies grow by donating and supporting the construction of the coffee house. Your donation will not only help Yimmies, but it will also help the community it surrounds. Below is a thank you gift given from Yimmies given per your donation amount. All donations receive the donated amount thank you gift and all gifts above it.

     $5 - A thank you on opening day.

     $25 - A thank you note from the owner, Canon Mikho as well as a free drink on opening day.

     $50 - A Yimmies ceramic cup, given out at our opening.

     $100 - A Yimmies shirt, given out to during the opening of Yimmies.

     $500 - Free caffeinated hot beverages during the first month of opening. No limit. 

     $1,000 - With a donation at this amount, you will also be offered a lesson with the owner and operator, Canon Mikho, on how to make latte art, as well as well as the rest of the cafe process. You will also have your own PERSONAL ceramic cup kept at the cafe, which can be used during your visits to Yimmies.

     $10,000 - With this large donation, you become a part of Yimmies, a root in the foundation of the business. We will be updating you on the internal construction of the business, as well as having your name, optionally, displayed into the building itself. You also will be a gold member and receive free coffee for the first year. Yimmies will also, optionally, donate $500 of the donated amount to a charity of your choice, on your behalf. Your generous donation will help Yimmies achieve greatness faster than anticipated.