Metropolis Coffee

Yesterday, August 13th, was an amazing day. We received our care package/sample kit from our coffee bean suppliers, Metropolis Coffee. We are super excited to work with Metropolis coffee as we believe they have the branding and target market of what we are looking for in roasters. Metropolis seems to have a wide range of coffee beans, roasts from single origin countries such as Burundi Kirema, Nicaragua El Barril, Guatemala Miralvalle & Finca Santa Isabel, Ethiopedia Chelelektu and lastly, Kenya Weithaga. Combined with single origin roasts are great decaffeinated roasts and great blends! We will be planning a private sampling event soon to get everyone's opinion on what they think of the roasts and see which ones we can choose from, a light, medium & dark roast. Off official launch we will only be carrying one dark roast, one medium roast, and one light roast pending budget, but as we expand and become more successful, we will begin offering more variability in our roasts!

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